November 2020 Newsletter


I hope you are all safe and well, and doing the best you can to make the most of the run up to Christmas this year. Staying positive and keeping the magic and spirit of Christmas alive for the children in your lives during these ongoing challenging times will hopefully help lessen what we all may be feeling due to the restrictions being placed on us for a second time.

The issues we faced during the first lockdown are likely to be tougher this time around as the weather is colder and wetter and we won’t be enjoying the sunshine. There are lots of strategies of action to help manage this time as well as possible for our own well-being and to support our kids now and in the future.

As a parent/carer of any child, you know best the child/children you are caring for. Trust your gut and know that your ongoing love and reassurance will see your precious young ones through this second lockdown. Together we shall flourish in these most unlikely of times, while building resilience in our children that will support their growth throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Validate your child’s emotions to show them you understand. This will help your child in reaching a place of acceptance, where anxiety will reduce, and a sense of inner calm can be restored. This place of tranquillity is essential for your child’s well-being not just at present, but going forward too, and will allow them to flourish as they head forwards on their journey. Don’t forget to validate your own feelings too, as you are just as important, and children will mirror your behaviours.

Take good care of yourselves and remember to embrace moments of joy wherever you find them. Remember, emotions change, feelings change and situations change. Let’s talk, listen, offer patience and compassion. Most of all, let’s embrace how we can continue to be together.

When you are considering your gifts to the special children in your lives, we have decided to run a similar offer to previous years by offering free stickers with each Blinks book purchase. As loyal fans you will also get signed copies for your loved ones running until midnight on the 16 December. Simply add your child’s name in brackets after your first name. You also get 10% of orders of three books or more!

December’s newsletter will focus on gratitude.

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Many of the psychological issues we have addressed during this period are applicable and transferable to other life events, to teach skills we can always have ready in our emotional toolkit.

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Take Care

Andrea Chatten
Founder – Unravel
Children’s Emotional & Behavioural Psychologist