Unravel for Support Services
Psychological support & training for support services

A Supportive Partnership

We provide specialist psychological services to support children, working closely with a range of support services, from Child and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to foster services and parenting support charities.


Through these partnerships, we are proud to be a trusted referral point, bridging the gap in emotional and psychological services for a number of organisations when children in their care need it most.

The Unravel approach

The Unravel approach is unique and statistically proven. We apply a range of scientific techniques and a three-sixty approach which gives all those involved strategies for handling the issues presented by children in emotional distress. This includes workshops for parents and training to members of staff dealing with children throughout these challenges.


Unravel is registered with the British Psychological Service (BPS). Our practitioners are fully trained and receive ongoing supervision in the Unravel model, which is based on 30 years’ empirical research.

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Organisations we help

We work in partnership with the following organisations:


  • Social Care

  • Fostering and adoption services

  • Hospices

  • Bereavement organisations

  • Community centres

  • Youth clubs

  • Autism charities

  • Secure units for children

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Our clients

We have a track record of success with organisations in some of the most deprived socio-economic areas and working with some of the most hard-to-reach children and young people in the UK.

  • Department for Education

  • Sheffield City Council CAMHS and MAST

  • Rotherham Social Services

  • Doncaster Social Care

  • Rotherham Hospice

  • Hampshire Fostering Network (HFN)

  • The National Adoption Service

  • Parents Opening Doors (PODS), Telford

  • Affinity 2020 CIC

  • PAGS (Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting)

  • Sheffield CCG

  • Sheffield Social Services

  • Chesterfield Social Services

  • Huntington’s Disease Association

  • Learn Sheffield

Case studies

Please contact us for more information on our positive impact case studies.

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The Blinks books

We’ve created a set of books, The Blinks, to help children, young people, and their families understand emotional and behavioural issues. They provide techniques to help manage and change the intensity and duration of emotional and behavioural issues.


Supporting each novel is a Reference Manual for parents, carers and teachers. It explains the reasons behind the interventions in The Blinks books. We’ve created a supportive booklet having been prompted by parents who were desperate to understand the psychological issues that their children were experiencing.

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