Supporting mental health & well-being for young people


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Training professionals on key emotional & psychological issues.

Registered with the British Psychology Society

Bespoke Services

Statistically Proven Approach

Unravel Illustrations v2-02


Providing support and deeper understanding on behavioural issues.

Quick referral

Supporting the whole family

Proven strategies that really work

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Support Services

A supportive partnership to help children through challenging times.

Collaborative working

Effective resources, training and interventions

Registered with the British Psychology Society

As featured on a variety of well-respected BBC radio channels.

Anxiety and Underlying Anxiety Conditions

Anger Management

Improving Self-esteem

Developing Self-confidence

Supporting Positive Mental Health and Well-being

Emotional Development

Nurture and Parental Sensitivity

Changing and Improving Negative Emotional & Behavioural Patterns

Helping unravel children and young people’s emotional and behavioural difficulties for improved well-being and happier lives.



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