Supporting mental health & well-being for young people

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Psychological support services for pupils and their teachers.

Individual support for children

Training and workshops for teachers

Registered with the British Psychology Society

Cost-effective whole school strategies for effective change

Emergency crisis intervention

A track record of success in schools

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Support and expertise for children in emotional distress.

Strategies that really work for children and their families

Qualified and experienced practitioners

Quick and emergency referral

A safe, non-judgmental environment

Support for the whole family

A track record of success with children in difficulty

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Support Services

A supportive partnership to help children through challenging times.

Specialist children’s psychological services

Collaborative working with CAMHS, foster services and hospices

Workshops for staff, parents and carers

Registered with the British Psychology Society

Referrals from social services, complex cases, looked-after children

A track record of success in areas of socio-economic deprivation

As featured on a variety of well-respected BBC radio channels.

Adoption Support Fund (ASF) funded.

Anxiety and Underlying Anxiety Conditions

Anger Management

Improving Self-esteem

Developing Self-confidence

Supporting Positive Mental Health and Well-being

Emotional Development

Nurture and Parental Sensitivity

Changing and Improving Negative Emotional & Behavioural Patterns

Teaching Young People to be Masters of their Brain rather than Slaves to their Emotions

Helping unravel children and young people’s emotional and behavioural difficulties for improved well-being and happier lives.



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