Healthy minds, happy kids! manual, COVID-19 Special Edition *as featured on BBC* These restrictive times are tough. Order your copy now to support you and your loved ones through emotionally challenging times.

Created to support all parents, carers and teachers of children and young people to navigate the emotional changes occurring during challenging times such as these. We have shared some of the content on BBC radio and TV, and both local and national newspapers. 


Many of the psychological issues we have addressed during this period are applicable and transferable to other life events, to teach skills we can always have ready in our emotional toolkit.

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Behaviour & Inclusion Manager

Thank you for the COVID Manual. It’s so great. The tips are really easy to use and make so much sense.

A quality, well structured resource packed full of useful tips. Brilliant.



The Covid 19 handbook is an invaluable resource for us all to have at this difficult and challenging time. I feel it covers everything that we need to know to help and support ourselves and our children and anyone else who we know that may need support. As a parent myself, it is important to understand our child’s behaviour as Covid brings on so many feelings. It is easy to get very lost in our own feelings at times so having this handbook to refer to helps so much. l also really like the clipboard idea as it makes it easy to refer to any of the subjects and having this handbook makes having to deal with all we are all dealing with a little easier to manage. I will give this a full 5 out of 5 stars and so well done. Thankyou to all the team at Unravel for taking the time to put it together.


Director of SEND

I recently purchased the Healthy minds, happy kids guide and was really impressed with the quality of this book and the level of insight and practical tools that it offered me which were very useful for my role working across a number of different educational settings.


Not only is the book highly visual (which suits me perfectly) but the layout is very clear and allows me to pick the guide up and head straight for a particular review section, whether that be related to acceptance, resilience, coping with change, grief and many more important areas of psychology. Each area of learning provides the theory / rationale behind it and then a range of practical solutions and strategies in order to support this.


Thank you so much for an invaluable resource!

Easy to read and to follow, this manual is packed full of useful information.



Such an informative read with some very interesting features and really useful tips to help us all through these tough times. Particularly liked the tips on self-regulation and the importance of touch. Thank you Unravel!