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Psychological support & training for children & parents

Understanding your challenges

We know how difficult being a parent can be. It may be the most important job in the world, but one that comes without a manual. Your child may be avoiding school, crying, showing aggressive behaviour, self-harming, suffering from anxiety or showing challenging behaviour in some way. Whatever their difficulties, we will work with you and we don’t judge.

The benefits of Unravel’s unique approach

The Unravel approach is unique and scientifically proven. It’s based around gaining insight into what your child is feeling and how you can work together to improve this. We empower children by teaching them about their brain to understand their own behaviour. We then give them techniques to cope with difficult emotions. This includes offering the whole family specialised actions to drive positive change and wellbeing with powerful benefits for you all:

  • We empower children with greater emotional insight and intelligence and provide them with lifelong coping techniques
  • We help the whole family to interact positively together

Individual packages

We offer one-to-one packages, supported by discussions with parents. This includes sessions for parents and carers to help you learn strategies to support your child.

Our Adaptive Parenting Sessions help parents and carers reflect on the current challenges and develop strategies for handling children’s emotional and behavioural issues with more confidence. We see this as a vital part of nudging emotional issues forward. Sensitive children and young people are affected if parenting approaches are not meeting their needs at an emotionally challenging time. However, they are also more positively affected by positive parenting approaches which help to accelerate the progress.  The sessions promote ways to strengthen communication and support from parent to child which is more important than ever during times of emotional vulnerability.


Some behaviour changes may happen quickly through the Unravel approach, but it’s important to understand that long-lasting, cognitive and behavioural transformation can take time, commitment, patience and support for the young person and those involved in the change process.

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What you can expect



  • Qualified practitioners: Unravel is registered with the British Psychological Service (BPS). The Unravel approach is based on 30 years’ empirical research. All Unravel practitioners are trained and receive on-going supervision.

  • A safe space: we offer a warm welcome and a safe space where you and your child won’t be judged. You’ll find someone to listen and walk with you on your child’s journey to wellbeing.

  • Frequency: ideally weekly or fortnightly to start with. When we see progress for your child and family we reduce the frequency of sessions to encourage independence. How long we continue to see your child varies according to the individual.

  • Location: most clients come to Unravel, where we offer a safe, impartial place to discuss your issues. We will make visits for particular circumstances by arrangement.

  • Price: we welcome enquiries from any parent with a child that needs our support. We offer different packages to support your child and you. Call us to find out how we can help without any obligation.

The Blinks books


We’ve created a set of books, The Blinks, to help children, young people, and their families understand emotional and behavioural issues. They provide techniques to help manage and change the intensity and duration of emotional and behavioural issues.


Supporting each novel is a Reference Manual for parents, carers and teachers. It explains the reasons behind the interventions in The Blinks books. We’ve created a supportive booklet having been prompted by parents who were desperate to understand the psychological issues that their children were experiencing.



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What families say about us...



“My daughter Polly had been suffering with anxiety for over two years…We had four sessions with Unravel and she was absolutely fantastic.


Everything is so much better now, Polly has started after school clubs and even though her anxiety is still there, she has learnt how to manage it so it doesn’t stop her trying new things and getting on with her life.




Aged 8

Unravel was a super hero to me. She recommended many strategies and told me to think about them. These included learning about the worry bully and your brain having an anxiety motorway that I had to unblock.”