Unravel for Schools
Psychological support & training for pupils & teachers

Understanding your challenges

You may have children in your school suffering from anxiety and stress; struggling to cope with school life or on the verge of exclusion. When trying to support children with behavioural issues, we know that schools face a host of challenges including:

  • The impact on the classroom and other pupils

  • The effect on teaching, learning and academic achievement

  • The demands on budgets, resources and time

  • The impact on your staff, wellbeing and the culture across your school

The benefits of Unravel’s unique approach

Our team of trained Unravel practitioners has expertise in children’s psychological support services in schools. The Unravel approach is unique and statistically proven. It applies diverse scientific techniques and is designed to support all the individuals involved. We work hand-in-hand to unravel key challenges around children’s behaviours and give you the tools to make positive change with long-lasting benefits for pupils, staff and your whole school:

  • We empower young people to change

  • We work towards reducing exclusions

  • We improve teaching, learning and academic attainment

  • We transform the wellbeing and morale of pupils and teachers

  • We are a catalyst for whole school transformation

Individual school packages

Our packages are individual to the person and your specific school depending on your requirements, budget and the duration of support. They include face-to-face contact, report writing, intervention, staff training and planning time.


Some behaviour changes may happen quickly through the Unravel approach, but it’s important to understand that long-lasting, cognitive and behavioural transformation can take time, commitment, patience and support for the young person and those involved in the change process.


We know that restricted budgets are often a problem within schools. We offer packages for school clusters, meaning the cost can be shared among the schools and the pupils can still access the help they need.


Unravel is registered with the British Psychological Service (BPS). The Unravel approach is based on 30 years’ empirical research. All Unravel practitioners are trained and receive on-going supervision.

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Where We Work

Our recent and current support has been offered across Sheffield, Kirklees, Doncaster, Rotherham, North Lincolnshire, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Boston, Leeds, Peterborough, Scunthorpe and Mablethorpe. Here is a list of some of the schools we have supported:

  • Act Fast

  • Acres Hill Community Primary

  • Anns Grove Primary School

  • Arbourthorne Community Primary

  • Bader Academy

  • Bankwood Primary School

  • Chaucer

  • Ecclesfield School

  • Forge Valley School

  • Gleadless Primary

  • Handsworth Grange Community Sports College

  • Heritage Park Community School

  • High Hazels Academy

  • High Storrs

  • Hilltop School

  • Holgate Meadows Community School

  • Huntcliffe Secondary Lincoln

  • John Smeaton Academy Leeds

  • Laughton Junior & Infant School

  • Leeds West Academy

  • Manor Lodge Primary

  • Marlcliffe Primary

  • Moncrieffe school

  • Norfolk Park Community Primary

  • Park Academy Sheffield

  • Pennine View School

  • Phillimore County Primary

  • Prince Edward Primary

  • Ridgewood High School

  • Sacred Heart Primary Sheffield

  • Shooters Grove Primary Sheffield

  • Southey Green Primary School

  • Springs Academy Sheffield

  • Springwell Lincoln City Academy

  • Springwell Lincoln City Academy Baumber

  • Springwell Lincoln City Academy Boston

  • Springwell Lincoln City Academy Gainsborough

  • Springwell Lincoln City Academy Mablethorpe

  • Stocksbridge High Sheffield

  • Stocksbridge Nursery Infants School

  • St Theresa’s Primary

  • Sutterton Fourfields C of E Primary School

  • The Birley Academy

  • Thornhill Community Academy

  • Tinsley Meadows

  • Toll Bar Primary School

  • Watercliffe Meadows Community Primary School

  • Westways Primary School

  • Woodhouse West Primary School

  • Wybourn Community Primary

Unravel’s Pupil Progress

This data shows an example of the progress of a cohort of pupils Unravel has worked with at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College. The chart illustrates the percentage improvement in behaviour (reduction in negative behaviour points accrued over 1 year).

How we help pupils:


We work with pupils to help them understand and develop coping strategies for a range of issues including anxiety, difficult feelings, stress and negative thinking.

We teach children to take charge of their own behaviour by understanding how the brain works especially at difficult times. We give them a toolkit to regulate their emotions; know what to do when difficult emotions arise and learn to empathise with others around them. We can offer a choice of different ways to support your school:

  • Diagnostic and intervention consultation

  • Individual psychological therapeutic sessions for children and young people: minimum one hour a week for six weeks

  • Group work sessions for up to eight pupils: six weeks

  • Whole school training for staff and parents on understanding how to support social, emotional and mental health issues

  • Assemblies to whole year groups

  • Pupil assessment and summative report which may include informing staff of issues and recommended approaches

  • Emergency intervention for crisis and need for extreme fast response

How we help staff:


We help teachers to get the best out of children by being able to understand and handle challenging behaviour. Training your teachers gives them a toolkit that not only creates a more harmonious classroom but will also significantly improve staff wellbeing. We offer:

  • Staff training sessions and workshops

  • Behavioural psychology lectures for staff

  • Individual psychological therapeutic sessions for staff and their wellbeing (minimum 4 sessions)

  • Individual staff supervision and guidance on individual cases

  • Group sessions for staff to share experiences and issues of key pupils or year group concerns

  • Behavioural supervision drop-in sessions for staff individually

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What schools say about us...

Heather Partington

Deputy Headteacher – Pennine View School


“The quality of training and on-going advice provided has really supported our staff to further develop their understanding of children’s social, emotional and mental health difficulties.


Their input has been pivotal to improving our behaviour management and to supporting the school community to openly discuss difficult emotions.


Pupils, staff and families have very much appreciated their support this year.”




Nicola Holmes

Student Services Manager / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Thornhill Community Academy


“Having Victoria in two days per week benefits students and staff enormously. At the moment our local CAMHS services has around a six-month waiting list. Even then, when students are seen, they are limited to a short series of appointments.


With Victoria we can have students seen quickly and they can continue to have sessions with her until they no longer require them. Victoria can also advise staff on the best way to work with students on her caseload.


In a number of cases the outcomes for students has vastly improved because of Victoria’s work.”